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GPO Vehicles is a new and exciting range of models for JDM. This range will cover most decades and so should appeal to railway modellers in particular, given the fact that today the Royal Mail has the largest fleet of road vehicles in the British Isles, second only to the military forces and has probably been so throughout the past. They are so numerous we take them for granted and not notice they are pretty well there 24/7 busily at work. It is also worth remembering for a railway layout that there would be several small vans delivering mail, perhaps medium sized vans collecting and delivering parcels and larger vehicles collecting and delivering at railway stations and sorting offices. Telephone vans and lorries will equally feature as these too are very much part of everyday life.

In anticipation of this range expanding, I have commissioned and produced suitable high quality waterslide decals to compliment this range which has been well researched with the help of the Post Office Vehicle Club (POVC). It produces a range of books and other publications, and more details can be found at its website:

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the monochrome pictures used on the following pages are Crown Copyright.

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